Empowered to Lead: Part Two

Amanda Yarde


Description:(We apologize but there were technical difficulties with part one of the 'Empowered to Lead' series.)In this sermon Amanda challenges us that service should come from a heart that is surrendered to Jesus.

Empowered to Live: Part Three

Matt Williams


Description:Guest speaker Matt Williams continues to challenge us to respond to the extravagent invitation to live abundantly in Christ.

Empowered to Live: Part Two

Matt Williams


Description:Guest speaker Matt Williams brings a powerful testimony of how God empowers us to live abundant lives from the inside out.

Empowered to Live: Part One

Matt Williams


Description:Matt Williams, Pastor at Bethel Community church on the Southside of Indy will be our guest speaker for the next three intsallments of our summer series. Matt wil be teaching us what it means to live a life that is empowered by the Spirit.

Empowered to Reign: Part One

Aaron Molesky


Description:Aaron Molesky, Executive Pastor at Nehemiah Church, reminds us of our mandate and calling to reign in life through the power and presence of God. This is the first sermon of our summer sermon series on living a life empowered by the Spirit. (We apologize for the technical glitches on this audio file)

9 to 5 Part Four

Ben Thomas


Description:This is the final sermon of the serios on the theology of work.

The Blessed Life: Part One

Ben Thomas


Description:This is part one in our series on The Blessed Life. Ben reminds us that whatever we don't give to God has lordship over us and reminds us how to break free through joyful giving.

I Am Jesus

Ben Thomas


Description:Easter Sunday Sermon

A New Me: Part Eight

Ben Thomas


Description:Continuing through the book of Colossians

A New Me: Part Seven

Ben Thomas


Description:Continuing in the book of Colossians

A New Me - Part Six

Ben Thomas


Description:Part six of "A New Me" series. Colossians 3:1-11

A New Me: Part Five

Ben Thomas


Description:Ben continues our study of Colossians.

A New Me - Part Four

Ben Thomas


Description:Part four in our series on Colossians

A New Me - Part Three

Ben Thomas


Description:Part three in our series on Colossians

A New Me - Part Two

Ben Thomas


Description:Part two in our walk through Colossians.

A New Me - Part One

Ben Thomas


Description:This is the first sermon in our new series on Colossians. Ben reminds us that we need to live in the reality of Heaven, which produces faith, hope and love.

Good, Pleasing, Perfect - Part Two

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben reminds us that we are God's will. Because we are found in Jesus, and Jesus is God's will, we are God's will.

Unwrapped - Part Four

Ben Thomas


Description:In this final sermon of our Advent series we are reminded that Jesus can truly empathize with us because he was fully human.

Unwrapped - Part Three

Ben Thomas


Description:In this third sermon of our Advent series, Pastor Ben reminds us that the Advent story isn't just a cuddly story about a baby, but Jesus came to confront evil.

Unwrapped - Part Two

Ben Thomas


Description:In this second sermon of our Advent series, Pastor Ben teaches unwraps a God who values displaying love over displaying power, values relationship over retribution and lifts up the humble over those who seek power.

Unwrapped - Part One

Ben Thomas


Description:In this first sermon of the Advent series Pastor Ben reminds us of the true gift of Christmas...that God always had the incarnation in mind. He has loved us and wanted to be with us from the beginning.

You Asked For It - Is God Happy With Me?

Aaron Molesky


Description:This week Aaron answers the question many of us wonder about. Is God happy with me? Aaron reminds us of our identity as children of God. "We need to start living from God instead of trying to grow towards him".

You Asked For It - How do we follow Jesus in a world full of controversies?

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben addresses the question of how we are supposed to follow Jesus in a world full of controversy.

You Asked For It - Why Hell?

Ben Thomas


Description:What does the Bible teach about the subject of Hell? How do we understand what we are to expect for those that don't choose to follow Jesus? Take a listen as Ben walks you through the Biblical evidence leading to some surprising thoughts.

You Asked For It - Who Is In Control?

Ben Thomas


Description:In this, the first sermon of our 'You Asked For It' series, Ben answers the question, "Who is in control?" How does God's sovereignty work with free will? The scripture reading this week comes from Jeremiah 18:1-18, read by Andy Barber.

Two Buckets - Part Four

Ben Thomas


Description:In the final sermon of the Two Bucket series, Ben reminds us that there is freedom in living Biblically and faithfullly, but with freedom comes responsibility. We are called to let love lead everything we do.

Two Buckets - Part Three

Ben Thomas


Description:This week pastor Ben helps us understand what a personal conviction is and how we might discern between a personal conviction and a Biblical principle that is meant for every follower of Jesus. He also reminds us of the differenece between conviction and condemnation.

Two Buckets - Part Two

Ben Thomas


Description:We apologize, but we are unable to produce part one of this series due to technical difficulties. In this second installment of the Twu Bucket series, Ben talks about the importance of learning how to read God's word. The scripture, read by Neftali Lopez, is 2 Timothy 3:14-17.

Above All - 1 Peter 4:1-11

Ben Thomas


Description:In the last sermon of the series on 1 Peter, Ben reminds us how important Christian community is to living out all of the principles we learned about through this series. We need each other!

Above All - 1 Peter 4:1-11

Ben Thomas


Description:Ben offers a very counter-cultural view of suffering. If we are called to Cruciform living, following in the way of Jesus, it will inevitably involved suffering. Though God is not the author of pain and evil, he will never waste it. God uses suffering to make us more like Him and bring about his kingdom purposes.

Above All - 1 Peter 3:8-12

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben reminds us how crucial it is to get connected to the body of Christ in order to be able to live the way Jesus calls us to live.

Above All - 1 Peter 2:18-3:7

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben talks about Cruciform living. Cruciform simply means "cross-centered". It will inevitably be difficult to be a Christian without putting God first.

Above All - 1 Peter 2:11-17

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben challenges us to ask ourselves these three questions: Whare are we getting life from? What things are we struggling to protect? Where in our lives is God calling us to submit to him in the face of a challenge?

Above All - 1 Peter 2:4-10

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben reminds us that holiness means that we are set apart for the sake of the world, not against it. We are the display of God's heart and we must see ourselves through his eyes if we are going to be an effective witness.

Above All - 1 Peter 2:1-3

Ben Thomas


Description:Ben gives us a good reminder that our holiness does not come from a "try harder" mentality, but from a surrender to the Father and his best for us.

Above All - 1 Peter 1:1-2

Ben Thomas


Description:This is the first in a new series on living a victorious Christian life.

From Death To Life - Word

Ben Thomas


Description:In this sermon Ben reminds us the important of sharing our faith. If you've experienced anxiety over sharing your faith with someone, this sermon will be helpful for you. Ben redefines evangelism and gives new meaning to what it means to be a witness.

From Deah To Life - Worship

Ben Thomas


Description:We proclaim that Jesus is King through Worship, Work and Word. In today's message, Ben teaches us what it looks like to live a life in worship to God.