Our Story

Nehemiah Church began with the planting of a House Church in January of 2008. Believing God had called them to plant a church based on the Christian Community lived out through House Church, this small group began a House Church, with the desire to plant new house churches in the future.

This initial house church joined with a group of people from Avon Wesleyan Church and began a new church called Nehemiah Church. With the use of the Avon facility, the church has grown to include Worship Gathering Services and Children Ministry.

WEsleyan in Heritage

We are a part of the Wesleyan Church International, which is a group of churches that strive to bring the kingdom of Christ to all parts of the world. We receive our name from the influence of John Wesley, an 18th Century British Minister that was used by God to preach and teach the love of Christ. Historically, Wesleyans have been used within the larger family of Christ to emphasize God's love and his desire for us to grow in our relationship with him, as well as bring light to social justice issues like caring for the poor, ending slavery, women's rights, and more.

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